Manufacturers of Safety Matches

We like to introduce ourselves as an established company manufacturing Matches and supplying to all parts of India & Other Countries. We can manufacture all kinds and all sizes of Safety Matches from small size smokers matches to Big Household kitchen matches, wax matches, Longlength Barbeque matches and Fireplace matches.


About Us
Our History

Our Founder Mr.Thangavel Nadar was a prominent business man and he and his brothers were manufacturing matches under brand name Gopuram in the year 1950. Their Company was well known as SIMCO ( South India Match Company ) They were supplying matches to all parts of India. After partiton of SIMCO our Founder started BMCO (BOOPATHY MATCH COMPANY) in 1967. They were supplying matches to Kerala and Northern districts of TamilNadu. Their popular brands include Cauvery Puli and City Bus.

In 1977 our partner Mr.C.T.Ramachandran consolidated Boopathy Match Company and other small units into a Small Scale Match Unit and named it as Thangavel Match Industries. Since then the Company's Sustained Quality Maintenance in its products had led it to become the leader of Matches Industry in India.

The company is now Supplying to All states of India, the main Markets being Kerala, Bihar, and West Bengal. The Brands comprising of Judo, Dubai, Gypsy, Zen & JAMBO

Marketing : High Quality and Competitive Prices are our Marketing Strategy.

Reputation : Our Reputation is one of the Excellence within our Field and well reputed within the Match Industry in India, throughtout the states of West Bengal,Bihar & Kerala.

Export : As a Preparation to the effects of Globalisation, Under the leadership of our Partner Mr.C.T.Ramachandran, the Company entered the Export Market in the Year of 2002. The main Export markets are Spain and Latin American Countries.


MOBILE : +919443737064  TEL : +914562230011.